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Smart Bookings

Smart booking engine that integrates services from different brokers in a single search (multibroker process). Focused on the productivity and competitiveness of your business.

Uses the most advanced technological tools!


Booking Engine

Travelnet is a system that integrates brokers and travel services such as hotels, transfers, activities, flights, vacation homes, hotel hosted contracts, tours and online payments in a booking engine.


Travelnet is a tool that allows Wholesale and Retail Travel Agencies to expand their sales channels in the different business models: B2B, B2C and White Label.

Wholesale Travel Agency

It will automatize its sales process towards Retail Travel Agencies, facilitating its product commercialization (B2B).

Direct Sales

The Wholesale Travel Agency will be able to commercialize its products through a platform directed towards the end customer (B2C).

White Labels

Retail Travel Agencies can also have an online sales platform with the Wholesale Travel Agency product, better known as White Label (B2B2C).

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Available Designs


    A simple and direct design with a great functionality, add your Header and Footer in HTML or image.

  • Responsive

    Browse from your mobile device in a simple way, we created a design which is functional in all your devices.


    Pick an exclusive design for your travel agency that will be adapted to your needs with the best user experience.

Our Clients' Opinions

  • “I'm very happy working with Travelnet, my business is growing and I have decided to get rid of my hotels development and adopt Travelnet's Hotel Hosted Contracts.”
    —Operadora Líder en Reservaciones
  • “We are very happy working with Travelnet, we have grown a lot in Mexico and the integration is working very well.”
    — Restel. Frank Montoya
  • “We're betting it all on Travelnet, we want all the products and we will support them so they can develop new broker integrations that we need.”
    — Operadora Sierra Madre. Diego Ontañón
  • “We're very happy working with Travelnet, in FITUR we did some research with other providers, checking what other new products they have and we see that Travelnet is at the vanguard and their development plans are fit to our needs.”
    — iMayorista. Antonio Holil

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